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Woo-hoo, I’m back from vacation! I can’t even tell you how relaxing and beautiful it was…my first time out of the country was a definite success. I’m still very tired and pretending like I’m not at work, but I can’t wait to share some photos with you :)

And to begin my first post back, here is a very “cozy” Product & Print…this cold weather is no fun!

product & print
Gin is by far my favorite liquor to order, anyone else there with me? I’ve been such a fan of this Hendrick’s Gin label for so long, I knew I had to feature it. Not only is the original Hendrick’s label great, but this re-brand nailed it on the head. The old-timey glamour and type setting make me instantly think of sitting on some sort of pouf like this one. How luxurious is that navy velvet?

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8 years ago

LOVE that label design! Love the simplicity!
Hope you had a wonderful trip!!

8 years ago

Ahh I’d buy a bottle of this for the label alone – something about bottle label designs excite me! Whenever I go to the liquor store I just start looking at all the bottle labels like a mad woman.


8 years ago

So glad you had a nice trip! I can’t take my eyes off those poufs and they don’t ship to Australia :( I could totally indulge in a little G+T while propped on that pillow :)

8 years ago

Love this product and print! So glad your first time out of the country was a success! Your photos on Instagram were beautiful!!

8 years ago

It’s nice to have you back dear!!!
Hope it was just AWESOME :)
Love the warm tones you got here, it’s like you got into the winter zone right away

8 years ago

Welcome back, Kyla!!!! Saw all your beautiful photos on IG :) looks beautiful!! Can’t wait to see more!

Loving this product and print, Kyla! I’ve been following on IG so I know you’ve had an amazing time. Sooo glad your trip was a success and you’re back!! I’m sure getting back to reality and work is an adjustment, but I can’t wait to see your photos!