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Product & Print - Thanksgiving Edition

Happy [almost] Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the Holiday, this week’s Product & Print is Thanksgiving themed! I just had to share One thing I noticed when I hosted “friendsgiving” this weekend was that I had a disturbing lack of serving spoons…how I was wishing I had these beauties! I also had to share this card – I just love the simplicity of it.


Also, Danielle of Lucky Number Seven tagged me in her 5 Random Things post, and asked me to answer the question What is one weird & random fact about you?

Keeping with the Thanksgiving theme of this post, I’m going to say that I’m super weird in that my favorite Thanksgiving food is stuffing. I always remember at this time of year how much I love stuffing, and I buy a whole bunch of it and then literally eat it for the next three months. Then my obsession peters out around February, until I discover it again at this time. Bring on the extra stuffing!
What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

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8 years ago

This is a perfect product/print pairing! That card is adorable and those serving spoons are super fun too!

My fave Thanksgiving food… hmmmm… hard to pick just one! haha… I know its your favorite, but i’m not really a fan of stuffing… I usually take the tiniest amount, if any! haha

Hope you’re doing well! Have a great weekend!

8 years ago

love the colors in that card ……lovely and bright :)

8 years ago

love the print, fork and spoon! my favorite thanksgiving food – gosh, i don’t think i can narrow it down – the combination of all the food is so divine! i’m excited to try a new stuffing recipe this year though! ;)

8 years ago

Love that print! Gosh, it’s gorgeous!

8 years ago

Pretty and pretty! I have a total weakness for corn bread.

8 years ago

I love the spoon and fork! And I love stuffing too! But I just love to eat in general ;)

8 years ago

Wow that spoon and fork. are so insane!!

8 years ago

That card is beautiful! I love the colors!