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Today’s Product & Print is a bit different than normal, because the ‘print’ is actually wallpaper! Kind of like a really large-scale print. The girl whose house is papered with that fun print is totally wearing this bib necklace.

How do you feel about wallpaper? I’ve always been scared to put it up, but there’s so many great options popping up, that I’m wondering if I should change my mind.

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8 years ago

We used to have wallpaper in almost every room of our home, but now we only still have it in our living room :-) it’s so much work to get it on the walls and when you want to change things up, you are scratching the paper off the walls for days. Never again! But I do love the idea of having a statement wall, and this wallpaper could definitely do the trick! I am also a big fan of Orla Kiely’s wallpaper collection :-) xo

Deb Covert
8 years ago

I love the wallpaper!

8 years ago

That print/wallpaper is gorgeous!! I’m such a huge fan of wallpaper! There are so many beautiful ones out there – I know that I want my home to have an accent wallpaper in every room!!

boy has my tune changed about wallpaper. When I was little, my parents had this unattractive (to me…but totally “in” for the times) wallpaper in our home. When they didn’t get along much anymore, it was almost like a sign because the wallpaper started to fall apart too. I remember peeling it off the wall sometimes. So to me, I had this association with wallpaper that wasn’t so positive. NOW, wallpaper seems so amazing…mostly because the patterns/colors have vastly improved and there are temporary wallpapers for people who like me who still rent! =D So fun! So…I’ve changed! I also… Read more »

8 years ago

That wall paper is sooo cool and would look great on an accent wall. LOVE it!

Allie of ALLIE NYC

8 years ago

I think it REALLY depends which wall(s) you use it on, which room, what the paper is, etc. you know. All that jazz. This one is so cute and subtle and… Paris… :)


8 years ago

That wallpaper is so pretty! I think it would look amazing in just one wall, to give a pop to any room :)