Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

OK, how beautiful are these colors?! I’ve been so inspired by these girly neutrals lately…and that bar cart is making me want to make a drink this weekend that’s equally pretty!

I’ve also been playing League of Legends for the past month, and oh man, I am addicted (you can sign up right here!). I’m pretty terrible at it actually, but it’s really fun :) I just adore this Bunny Girl Riven illustration by Jonathan Hamilton. Did I mention the game has a ton of great characters?

illustration | bar cart | branding

What will you be up to this weekend?

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7 years ago

Love that design on the Jays Catering thing! Also, I think it’s really cool that you do the video games and share your love for them on here! I don’t a whole lot of them, but my boyfriend has really liked the Bioshock games!

7 years ago

Very pretty colors! I love the girly style. I have a friend’s birthday tomorrow, so we are definitely going out this weekend. Have fun Kyla!