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Stella Yang is new to Society 6, but I just love her first heart print! With Valentine’s day just around the corner, this print would make such a beautiful gift. The girl who hangs this print up would also probably love these macaroon boxes.

What are your suggestions for gifts or prints for Valentine’s Day?

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7 years ago

Yes, this is a beautiful print. I would love to have this in my room. It reminds me that I am beautiful and full of love~~ haha! :D

7 years ago

The macaroon boxes are sooooooo cute! Your blog is always full of inspiring pretty things!

7 years ago

Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve been looking those macaroon boxes all over the place, so glad you posted them!

7 years ago

I bought one of those macaron boxes for a friend’s Xmas gift, and now I’m kicking myself for not picking up an extra one for myself!

7 years ago

Those little macaroon boxes are adorable! I’ve never tried one, but they make me want to try the little treat even more!

7 years ago

cute love her fun style! something cutesy and thoughtful i think makes a fun gift :)

7 years ago

Oh, this is so much cuteness!! I’ve loved those macaron boxes ever since I first saw them! My friend just purchased one this weekend :)

7 years ago

Stella’s shop is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing her information here. Haha my suggestion for cards is the Studio 404 Paper Shop ;P but I really love the cards from Wit & Whistle.