Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! This week I am so inspired by this quirky ‘spacewalk’ illustration that I re-discovered buried in my favorites somewhere. Isn’t that the best? These bright colors on dark backgrounds are really punchy, perfect for a friday pick-me-up inspiration.

Happy Friday!

This weekend I’m hoping to relax, sew (seriously my newest obsession), and spend some time with my family. What are your plans?

pinata cake | a subtle revelry | geometric print | gary andrew clarke | spacewalk | hellcorpceo

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7 years ago

Oh I love that spacewalk illustration!

7 years ago

oh my gosh i love that space walk illustration! Super cute :)
what are you sewing? clothes?
I’m going to try to catch up on some projects ;)

7 years ago

That pinata cake is just pure genius. Happy Friday!