Happy Friday | Valentine’s Edition

happy valentine's day!
happy valentine's day!

Type | Neil J. Rook | Heartseeker Ashe

I know I’ve mentioned how addicted I am to League of Legends lately, and this Heartseeker Ashe skin is so perfect to share for Valentine’s day! I love everything about it.

Tonight I’ll be heading to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Red Stripe. I also have a really fun dress that I’m hoping to shoot this weekend and share with you :) What are you doing tonight? Are you going to dinner or making your own?

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7 years ago

Happy Valentine’s day, Kyla!! Enjoy your night and weekend! xoxo

7 years ago

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love that lettering piece. Such a great find! Have a great weekend Kyla. :)

7 years ago

Happy Valentine’s Day Kyla! I can’t wait to see that dress. I’m going to dinner as well, getting all dressed up and everything :)