Violet Oon’s Kitchen | Bravo Company

Violet Oon's Kitchen | Bravo Company

I was really drawn to Violet Oon’s Kitchen branding project done by Bravo Company when I saw that beautiful pattern. It’s so clean and fresh and modern, perfect for fitting the vibe being a leading competitor in the Singapore food scene. This is definitely a restaurant I want to visit!

I have been really inspired lately by restaurant branding…are there any branding projects you’ve been inspired by?

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7 years ago

love the pattern it’s really great! i love any branding that color and contrast
i haven’t really seen anything lately i need to look more often :)

7 years ago

Holy wow at that space! That itself would probably draw me in!

Oh wow, their branding really reflects that gorgeous space of theirs!

7 years ago

It’s really well done!

7 years ago

Wow, seriously gorgeous branding and interiors!! When I step into a store/restaurant/cafe that has amazing interiors, it makes me want to buy more…does that happen to you? lol!!