Alice V3: Painting the Roses Red

Ok, so I’m realllly excited to share my latest illustration with you – based on Alice in Wonderland and Alice Madness Returns. I’ve been working on this for months now, doing it piece by piece (isn’t that the way it always goes, though?) and I’m really happy with the result.

Kyla Is Inspired | Painting the Roses Red
Kyla Is Inspired | Painting the Roses Red
Kyla Is Inspired | Painting the Roses Red

It’s actually my third remake of this…and it’s so embarrassing going back and looking at them!

version 1 (2007) | version 2 (2008)

It’s crazy looking back and seeing how I’ve progressed, because I’m constantly trying to improve and am always thinking ahead. Sometimes it’s good to go back and see where you came from – I was surprised at how much my skills have gotten better over the past five years! Where were you five years ago? Did you think you’d be where you are today?

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7 years ago

Oh wow the progress is amazing Kyla! I just love Alice in Wonderland! It’s crazy to look back and see how things change over the time. I mean, even I take a look at when I started blogging almost 1 year ago and I can definitely see the difference.

7 years ago

This is awesome!! Such a creative concept. I agree—so funny/embarrassing/helpful to go back to old art projects. Always nice to see progression though :) Love when you share your art!

7 years ago

Wow, love this! The details are amazing!

7 years ago

Loove the pink highlights an glowing feel to everything here! Definitely an improvement from the 2008 version ;) By the way, the link tot he 2007 one doesn’t seem to be working or me?

5 years ago I was still in highschool, so I think it’s safe to say that since attending a design university I’ve changed with my work, a LOT! (to be fair if I hadn’t, I’d worry haha) I definitely didn’t think I’d be doing what I am interested in now.

7 years ago

Wow this is great! I really like the up close detail in the 2nd photo especially!
You have awesome background details, I looked and the version from 2008 and you are right you have progressed a lot. I think a lot of it has to do with the developments in technology too, illustrator is not where it was 5 years ago either, the pattern tool has changed my life! lol I am not sure I thought I would be where I am today, I’m thankful I finally got motivated to pursue the things that I like to create