Anime Boston 2014

As you may know, this weekend I attended Anime Boston – and had a fantastic time! I only went on Saturday, but I know for next year to go for all three days!

These are some photos that were snapped at the convention – once the weather gets warmer, I can’t wait to shoot this costume. I have some great places in mind :)

Anime Boston 2014 | Elizabeth
Anime Boston 2014 | Elizabeth

photos by Stolen Soul Photography

Anime Boston 2014 | Elizabeth

Costume details: Jacket, skirt, and necklace were made by me. Corset was bought online, and altered by me. Wig & petticoat were also bought online. Contacts from Pinky Paradise.

The costumes were amazing. I was in awe all weekend by the amazing details that people put into their costumes – you can see some of the photos I took here. I’m hoping in the future to do some ‘cosplay round-up’ posts :)

What did you do this weekend?

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I love it! I’m no expert either, but I want that necklace! There is a similar style Marc Jacobs I was lusting after so I’ll be checking out the Peppermint Lollipops site- thanks for the link!

5 years ago

Hei JoHn!neahvis du klikker på linken interiør på bloggens venstre side ser du mer av huset vårt. Tror nesten det er bilder av alle rom. Tusen takk for skryt!

8 years ago

that is so awesome! when my husband and i lived in ny we always attended the one in new york. love your costume!

8 years ago

Ahhhh, Kyla, you’re stunning! What a fabulous weekend!!! We enjoyed some camping, even in the cold, we had a perfect time. :D

8 years ago

wow you can really see the contacts in these photos!
glad you had fun and tried something new, I didn’t do anything as near as exciting this past weekend ;)

8 years ago

You my girl are so crazy adorable!