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For this week’s Product & Print, I’m using two of my favorite artists/Etsy shops: Blackbird And The Owl & Jared Nickerson! I’m amazed that I haven’t found this pairing before…I would love to have this print hanging on my wall, and laying this beautiful ipad case on a table nearby.

Product & Print

Where would you hang this print in your house?

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7 years ago

First-time visitor here just commenting to say how much I LOVE your style. It’s so different from most of what I see around the interwebs these days, and in the best possible way. Very punchy & colorful—love it!

7 years ago
Reply to  Cassie

Thank you SO much – that really means a lot! :)

7 years ago

That is a beautiful print, the colors are perfect!

7 years ago

Oh i can say for sure i love them both!

7 years ago

I love that shop that makes those cute ipad cases
i love the geo prints :)

Oh that case is gorgeous!! I’m going to check out these shops!

7 years ago

That iPad case is beyond pretty – love the color combination!