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I thought I would switch it up a bit on today’s Product & Print and instead focus on a children’s theme! I saw this balloon art print and knew it would be a perfect print to feature. How much fun would it be to have that hanging on the wall, and then featuring these balloon animal bookends on a shelf below?

kyla is inspired | product & print

What unique art prints or products would you put in a kid’s room?

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7 years ago

Heheh this is a brilliant product & print post :) those doggies are adorable

7 years ago

i saw those bookends a few days back and thought they were the cutest! haha

7 years ago

Wow, love that the image of something as lightweight as a balloon, has been made to be as heavy as a book end. Kind of funny in that way (and also very cute!)

Oh I love how fun and unique both the print + product are! Those are the cutest little bookends I’ve ever seen!

7 years ago

haha, this is so cute!! happy monday, kyla!!

7 years ago

oh my gosh! i love this post :)
that balloon print is so adorable, I am doing something similar right now for a gift
and those bookends are awesome :)