Happy Friday!

Well, another week over! Thank you everyone who commented on my birthday post, it means a lot :) 25 feels like it’s going to be a great year.

Happy Friday
Happy Friday

I love this spacey, futuristic illustration by Andy Garcia. She looks like some sort of pop star/aerobic fitness instructor, and I love it.

This bedroom is my dream…it’s girly, neutral, and bright at the same time. If you click through the whole slideshow, I’m pretty much in love with the entire home.

I just recently started watching Adventure Time (thanks, Netflix), and this female Finn (Fiona) by Momoko-Cosplay is so well done. She makes a great Fiona! Does anyone else watch Adventure Time?

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7 years ago

Love that bedroom colorful & relaxing all at the same time :) and I love adventure time! I got into because Chantal @ ponychops is always drawing fan art & treasuries for different characters & getting requests for Custom AT orders
Yeah it makes me happy :)