Cosplay Round-Up 3 | Heartseeker Ashe

I’m back with another Cosplay round-up! This time, I pulled together a few looks (there aren’t that many made) of Heartseeker Ashe from League of Legends! I don’t normally play this character often, but when I do, I use this skin. She’s so pretty!

cosplay round-up | heartseeker ashe
cosplay round-up | heartseeker ashe

one. Ruty-Chan | two. & three. Tasha Cosplay | four. Felanka

I would personally love to do this cosplay, though it looks pretty complicated! Perhaps I’ll have it done for next year’s PAX East ;)

What do you think – do you like this character?

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7 years ago

This one does look super complicated but the HAIR – and the ladies who have done this have pulled it off quite nicely

7 years ago

wow there are a lot of fun and intricate details going on, her wedge boots are awesome :)

7 years ago

Wow, this character is gorgeous! All the ladies did such a fab job with their cosplay!

7 years ago

These ladies are rocking it! I’m loving all of your cosplay posts. :)

7 years ago

Oh wow, she’s gorgeous! I love the colors of her outfit. Red and purple go together so well and most people don’t realize that! I think you’d make a great Heartseeker Ashe! Also, that art at the bottom is -stunning-!