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I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a Product & Print post, but in honor of the new Sailor Moon Crystal (which you can watch on hulu!), I wanted to share something in honor of the first episode. I was a massive Sailor Moon fan growing up, so the new reboot is really exciting.

Product & Print

I love this Luna Print more than anything…I haven’t seen a pink watercolor Luna, and I want it hanging in my sewing room!

Sailor Moon jewelry is always fun, and GlitterBombUK nailed it with their Star Locket. I love how fun and bright it is. I don’t own much novelty jewelry but I would definitely wear this!

Have any of you watched the new episode yet? Or did you watch the show when you were younger?

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That’s the smart thinking we could all benefit from.

7 years ago

Such cute stuff!! I watched the show when I was younger so now I’m rewatching everything before I watch Crystal.

7 years ago

Love that Luna print. So cute.

cute post :)
that is a really fun print of the sailor moon cat, and that’s cool they have matching jewelry …..ah nostalgia :)

7 years ago

I loved Sailor Moon growing up and I still do! I watched the new episode and it was awesome! I love the locket you shared, super cute. I’d totally wear it!

7 years ago

That print is cuter than should be legally allowed.

7 years ago

I watched it when it first launched in the 90s and I did indeed watch the new one! The new one is totally awesome and I’m excited for the re-launch of the original uncut under Viz so it can be appreciated as it’s supposed to be.

7 years ago

OMG, that Luna print is love and I need it in my life. Thank you for this post! <3

7 years ago

I’m all about this!!! I was a huge Sailor Moon fan as well (I even saw the live action) so I’m beside myself with this new incarnation. I watched Sunday night and loved it!

Also pretty sure I NEED that Luna print in my life.

7 years ago

I’m probably way too excited for this post! Yay for Sailor Moon love. This print is absolutely gorgeous and I adore the new anime already. The first episode was perfect.