Color Me | Light Brown

Kitty and I are back with another Color Me post! We chose light brown this month, and I have to say…it was definitely a challenge. I normally am a fan of bright colors or anything sparkly, so finding neutrals was tough. However, I really like the palette here in this post, and do like this light neutral color for Fall.

Color Me | Light Brown

ceramic bowls | earrings | wedding table scape | blazer
gem illustration | chocolate chip illustration

Make sure you go check out Kitty’s post to see what she picked! Do like this light brown color? Have any favorite picks for this month?

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7 years ago

I’m loving the ceramic bowls!! x

The forma giveaway!

7 years ago

super fun :) it’s kind of a golden brown I like it :)
love the bowls and the chocolate chip illustration :)

7 years ago

This is the perfect color for fall, from fashion to decor, I love it!

7 years ago

You picked out some pretty photos! I really like those earrings, I wish I had my ears pierced :'(