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I think I’m feeling ready for cooler weather, since today’s Product & Print features a vintage-y, slightly woodland theme that makes me think of autumn.

Product & Print

These magnet sets by Franklin Mills are so adorable I could squeal. Deigned by Russ Gray, there is a whole selection of office products like journals and pencils that have this same theme. Amazing, right? Definitely worth checking out.

I also really love this gig poster by Tron Burgundy, the slightly distressed look with the blue would match really well with the magnet set.

What do you think – am I getting a little ahead of myself in wishing for fall? What sorts of products are you keeping your eyes out for this season? I guess at the moment, I’m really liking the kitchy woodland look!

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7 years ago

I LOVE this color combo. I’m actually kinda wishing for colder weather so I can wear my favorite dress (fox sweatshirt dress from ZIBtextile on Etsy)! Haha.

7 years ago

i agree with everyone else… those magnets are adorable! love the black, teal and gold combo!

hope you’re doing well! just doing some major catching up! ;)

7 years ago

love the magnet set!!! so fun!
no I don’t think you are getting ahead of yourself, I’m working on halloween and harvesty fall drawings, it makes me happy to know it’s coming soon :)

7 years ago

Love those magnets, along with everything else in that store!

7 years ago

I can’t wait for fall either! Summer is too hot!! When I see this color I actually think more of spring than fall but who cares because I LOVE the magnets! :)