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Oh look, another Sailor Moon-related post! Oh well. Ever since the remake has started airing, I’m thrown back into nostalgia and revisit my childhood. Usagi/Sailor Moon was my favorite hero and I love seeing so many fun tributes throughout the years. So, here are some more favorites!

Sailor Moon | Product & Print

buns & guns shirt is probably the goofiest, silliest, cutest shirt I’ve seen in a while, and it would be so cozy in the winter. Compared with the cute print by Jizzybro, we see two very different takes on the character, but both are still so essentially Sailor Moon.

Do you have any Sailor Moon favorites?

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7 years ago

I found that print a while back! I’m gonna do a round-up of my favorite prints once I finish my Daily sailor outfits! Minako is next. ^_^ Both of these are cute and oh my Gods, I LOVE LOOK HUMAN so much. They’ve got great stuff – I have a wishlist.

7 years ago

love the print it’s so cute love the different take on her
and that sweatshirt is hilariously awesome :)

7 years ago

lol! that sweatshirt has to be the best thing I’ve seen today! super cute and funny!

and, just saying, you can post about Sailor Moon everyday if you want… I promise I won’t get tired of it :D

7 years ago

Oh I LOVE Sailor Moon! That sweatshirt is way too cute!! It’s amazing how many different styles of the characters are out there—all great in their own rights!