Cosplay Showcase 5 | Merida

Who doesn’t love Brave? When it first came out, I was so excited to see it. Merida seemed like such a kick-butt princess and obviously her hair was flawless. Brave is still one of my favorite movies, so I thought it fitting to share some of my favorite Merida cosplays.

Cosplay Showcase | Merida
Cosplay Showcase | Merida

Callesto | Great Queen Lina | Shua Cosplay | Zoisite-Virupaksha
Paula, Crystal Shoe | Shua cosplay

Are you a fan of the movie Brave? I’m planning on making this cosplay this winter, and hope to share my steps along the process :)

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7 years ago

Brave rocks! The wigs on pics 3 and 4 are AWESOME!
The dress on all of them looks perfect. Cosplay level: master! :)
Would absolutely love to see you cosplaying Merida.

7 years ago

Oooo, I especially love the fourth one! Have you ever seen (you probably have) the Merida cosplay with modern Merida riding a motorcycle? She’s amazing.

7 years ago

These girls look great! Can’t wait to see your Cosplay! :)

7 years ago

All of these ladies did a fantastic job!