Happy Fri – Halloween!

Happy Friday/Halloween! What a fun day. I was hoping I could dress up for work, but being in a corporate environment they kind-of don’t allow that. I did try to have a bit of fun though, and I’m channeling Elizabeth today :)

happy halloween!
happy halloween!

Tonight I’m going out and wearing my spooky Alice Madness costume, from the video game. I love this concept art, doesn’t Cheshire look spooky?

Then, as if Halloween weekend wasn’t enough, I’m off to Rhode Island Comic Con! I’ll be going first as Asami Sato from Legend of Korra, then Sailor V from Sailor Moon. I’m so excited!

I’m dying to know – what are your plans for Halloween? What are your costumes?

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7 years ago

I have a giant Alice Madness poster, but I can’t put it up because my boyfriend’s son would be terrified whenever he came over (I purchased it a long time ago). Hah.

7 years ago

Woo! What a fun weekend of costumes it must have been for you! I LOVE Halloween and costumes! I went as a hippie to a little get together at my cousin’s, lots of candy and fun!

7 years ago

So fun! I love Halloween. I dressed up as a healer from the game Clash of Clans, which I don’t play, but my fiance and one of our best friends both do. They went as a barbarian king and a wizard, and another friend was the archer queen, all from the game. No one knew what we were and it was especially funny that way. :]

7 years ago

hope you have at your comic con! can’t wait to see pics later :)


7 years ago

Have fun at the con! I did a simple everyday Cosplay of Ariel from the little mermaid… Nothing too much but next year I hope to do something dark and evil…lol oh and yes Chesire looks evil! :P

7 years ago

Have fun at RICC! Sounds like you’ve got a fun weekend ahead of you!