Happy Friday!

Wow, it’s my first Friday post of 2015…exciting! This week has been so cold, so I thought I’d celebrate that in today’s post.

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

This year I plan on taking a vacation overseas, and Iceland is high on that list. This photo of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon found in Conde Nast Traveler just makes me want to visit more. That place is one of the main reasons I’d like to visit.

I LOVE this Periwinkle cosplay by Tink-Ichigo, aka Marina. I’m a big fan of the Disney Fairies franchise, and Secret of the Wings is my favorite. Have any of you seen this movie, or any of the Fairy movies?

Do I have Frozen on the brain or what? This week I already showcased some amazing Elsa cosplays, and today I’m sharing this gorgeous concept art by Brittney Lee. Brittney is such a talented artist, and I love all of her illustration work. She actually worked on the Frozen movie, and her blog archives are definitely worth a visit.

What are you up to this weekend?

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7 years ago

Your posts are always so visually appealing. I love the colors in this one especially!

<3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

7 years ago

ooh Iceland, that sounds like fun! I hope you share photos of your trip :)

7 years ago

Oh I’ve heard incredible things about Iceland, there’s something so dreamy about that photo of it!!

And brr, it has been so cold here too, like brutally so, much dislike!

7 years ago

Iceland!! Wow!! If you do go, I look forward to seeing your pictures! I agree with Toni; now I want to watch Frozen!

7 years ago

This has made me want to watch Frozen again. We have a DIY weekend ahead plans, time to tackle all the jobs in the house we have been putting off for a while x