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Happy Tuesday! This Product & Print features one of my absolute favorite themes, space. I’m sure if you dug through my archives, I’d have some sort of space/planet/galactic themed post every month. What can I say? There are just so many fun and colorful prints, and unique products, that I could post about this every day.

Product & Print

The Big Planet by Nina Geometrieva | Nebula Ring from AChicFairytale

I would love to have this colorful poster hanging in my living room, and could wear that ring with almost every outfit. Do you have any fun space-related prints or little products?

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7 years ago

Love this series! That ring is so pretty!

7 years ago

That ring! So pretty!

7 years ago

Hah, what a cute duo! LOVE the bright colors!

<3 Kelsea | Kels Shark