Throwback Thursday | 5

I’m back with another Throwback Thursday! Aka the series where I share old, sometimes embarrassing works of mine.

I almost didn’t post these because I can’t find credits for all the images, but I wanted to share my “story” anyway. These two were made circa 2006, when I was 100% dedicated to my “collage” phase. My website was called Clandestine, and I even had a matching LiveJournal. I know. Way cool.

Kyla Is Inspired | Throwback Thursday
Kyla Is Inspired | Throwback Thursday

Image credits (that I searched very hard for): Kate Spade 2006 BisBee Handbags by (Tim Walker) | Vogue US March 2005 : Paint the Town (Steven Meisel)
(If you happen to know any other credits, let me know!)



So now that I’ve shared a few of my old throwbacks, I’d love to see yours! Do you have any old drawings or designs you’d be willing to share?

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I think this is great work, very interesting to see!

7 years ago

I never really did any collages, but I always liked them. They remind me the 13 Going 30 movie, which I love. :)

7 years ago

Collages were so popular on web layouts back in the day, I remember seeing so many! I think these two are awesome!

7 years ago

Aww yea, collage! I love the top one, such 70’s summery colours!

I might work up the courage to share… maybe… eventually… ha…