Dribbble Finds

You guys, I love dribbble. I use it to share my own illustrations, but there’s a lot of great design snippets on there, too. So to share some inspiration with you today, I thought I’d showcase some great (and random!) dribbble shots.

dribbble favorites

1ong Way Home by Katie Chinaski | Pattern for a Videographer by Shauna Haider
TBT by Martin Azambuja | The Alternate Side S03 • E11 by Marlene Silviera
Best of the City by Alex Perez | Jingling Gate Key Icon by Jessica Levitz

Do you have any favorite shots? And if you’re on dribbble, I’d love to follow you!

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6 years ago

cool I guess I need to get on dribble :)
love the key illustration


6 years ago

I only just recently heard about dribbble! Which is nuts, because apparently it’s a big thing for illustration and design work? I gotta get on there!

6 years ago

these are nice! I like the first one :)