Let’s Talk Princess Peach

Happy Thursday everyone! I would be doing my normal Friday post, but I’ll be heading out to Anime Boston tomorrow morning, so I’ll miss all of your posts!

Today I wanted to talk about a character that has held significant meaning for me since a young age: Princess Peach. I actually did a cocktail dress cosplay of her last year, and am making her amiibo dress for this year’s PAX! She is 100% my favorite Nintendo/Smash Bros character, and I can’t wait to dress like her next month!

So in honor of my favorite princess, here are some of my favorite Peach illustrations:
Princess Peach Illustrations

Paulina Ganucheau | Sakimichan

Princess Peach Illustrations

Estivador | Joshua Dunbar

& I have to throw in my own Racer Peach illustration I did last year:
Princess Peach | Kyla Is Inspired

Here are some fun Peachy themed items:
Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Peach
Tote Bag | Laptop Decal | Earrings | Amiibo | Retro Poster | Ruffled Apron

Are you a fan of Peach? Which character do you always choose when you play Mario Kart?

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You found some great artwork! Everything is so pretty :)

5 years ago

I love all of the art you found! It’s really cool.

5 years ago

I love your Racer Peach illustration, it’s great! That retro poster is awesome too..