Cosplay | Hiyori Iki & Costume Breakdown

I’ve shared my Noragami love before, and I really am a huge fan, so making this Hiyori costume was like a dream. I (foolishly) thought it would be easy to make (hint: it wasn’t), but I ended up learning a few techniques along the way!

Kyla Is Inspired | Hiyori Iki

These were all taken at Anime Boston 2016.

Kyla Is Inspired | Hiyori Iki
Kyla Is Inspired | Hiyori Iki
Kyla Is Inspired | Hiyori Iki

Continue on for details on how I made the costume.

Costume Details

TOP: Yikes! This was a challenge. In theory, it’s pretty simple. I used Simplicity 1779 as a basic guide to create the top, and inserted a zipper in the side seam instead of closing the blouse in the front.

To make the bottom of the sleeves, I knew I would need to insert a placket, or the slit in a blouse that makes it easy to button/unbutton your cuff and slip it over your wrist. This was challenging, and I spent a lot of time googling tutorials like this one. Instead of using buttons to close the sleeve, I used 2 snaps on each cuff. I could have just made the sleeves large enough to fit over my wrists with no closure, but adding this detail makes it look more authentic.

To make the collar, I followed this tutorial for making a basic school uniform (wish I found that before starting the whole project!!) Again, very easy tutorial to follow, but this is definitely not a beginner-level project. The collar is sewn directly onto the top around the neckline, and the purple bit is also sewn to the collar. I would recommend snapping this piece in like the tutorial does, but I was pressed for time and had to stitch it in.

SKIRT: This was the easiest part of the costume; I did a basic knife pleat and added a zipper and waistband.

SHOES: I bought these shoes on amazon.

WIG: I don’t have the link anymore, but it was a basic long brown wig found on ebay; all I needed to do was trim the bangs a bit. I recommend something like this.

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5 years ago

cute! you did a good job on the dress :)