Wow, I can’t believe it’s February already! January seemed to fly by for me. Does it feel like that for anyone else?

I posted one of my goals this year was to create art every week, and I’ve been using #arteveryweek to document. Creating something every day just wasn’t realistic to me. Ever since I started cosplaying my art has fallen to the side, and I’m hoping this goal will be the kick in the butt I need to get other things (like starting an online shop) moving.

Here’s what I created during January:

Emily & Tracer – Overwatch

Art Every Week | Kyla Is Inspired

Mila – Yuri On Ice!!

Art Every Week | Kyla Is Inspired

Original Character – Wedding Reception (drawn while at a friend’s wedding)

Art Every Week | Kyla Is Inspired

Shiro & Keith – Voltron (in honor of season 2)

Art Every Week | Kyla Is Inspired

I challenge you to create something every week, too! It doesn’t need to be a drawing; maybe it’s a scrapbook page or a fun baking recipe. The goal this year is to stay creative, one week at a time :)

Also – if you have any thoughts/recommendations on who I should draw, just let me know!

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