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Now that we’re into April, I can finally say that con crunch is over! It’s been a crazy few months making costumes for PAX and Anime Boston, and I’m looking forward to having some down time and spring cleaning. I’m also really looking forward to spending more time on the blog creating new content and featuring other creatives. I’m back this week with a new Product & Print featuring a fun little animal theme.

Product & Print

One of our favorite booths at Anime Boston was Horse Fiddle Press – both Sam & I loved the quirky cat and shiba art (she got bought a shirt!). I especially loved the fancy shiba pins – they’re geishas! They are such a fun addition to any pin collection. Pin 1 | Pin2

If you’re going to go out wearing a crazy shiba pin, go a little more minimalistic in the home with a clean geometric cat print – I love this one by BlacknBoo. And yes, you can be a cat person and a dog person! (But if you don’t, Ellen’s shop has a lot of other animal prints, like this elephant one).

Do you have any favorite animals that if you see it on something, you have to have it?

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