Connecticon 2017 Vlog

Part of my new year’s resolution this year was to create more video, and convention vlogs are the perfect way to do so!

Connecticon is always a fun convention. It’s cosplay-heavy and for the most part everyone is happy and there’s always fun things to do around the city of Hartford, like food truck festivals and riverfront events.

In this vlog, I talk a bit about body insecurity wearing Cruiser D.Va, and share some footage from the Yuri On Ice & Overwatch shoots. Mostly though, I just derp around. Don’t forget to check out my Viktor costume breakdown – Mercy and D.Va are in the works!

What kind of content are you interested in seeing in my videos? More b-roll? More cosplayers? More talking? Let me know – I’m only hoping to improve my vlogs for the future!

(ps – feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel!)

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