2018…The year of 3D printing?

Hey everyone, since this is my first official post of 2018…Happy new year!
I opted out of doing a year-in recap/goals post this year since it didn’t feel genuine – I haven’t been blogging as much lately, and I didn’t feel like doing that kind of post was being authentic.

So instead…I’m going to talk about my first partnership in 2018, with the Dagoma company and their NEVA 3D printer! I’m using this printer for cosplay, and have it for a month to review how to use it for budget cosplay.

Kyla Is Inspired | NEVA 3D Printer

I’ve worked with 3d prints before, but only ones I bought off etsy. I’m a complete novice when it comes to 3d software, but I’m determined to create a few of my own “blueprints” in Tinkercad. I’m primarily going to be working on my McCree cosplay, but will be printing other items, too.

Kyla Is Inspired | McCree

Be sure you’re following me on Instagram and Twitter to see snippets of my 3d printing! Then be sure to watch in February for a blog and 2 vlogs documenting the process (^▽^)

Have you ever 3d printed for cosplay? Are there any tips or tricks you can recommend to me?

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