Magic Kingdom Recap

Last week I had a mini Disney vacation, and visited Magic Kingdom and Epcot! I thought I’d share a more personal post, since I’ve been lacking in those. I wanted to feature highlights of each park, starting with Magic Kingdom!

Kyla Is Inspired | Magic Kingdom

First off, I had to wear the perfect outfit. Am I really a blogger if I didn’t? :P I went with a Rapunzel theme after seeing this dress.

Kyla Is Inspired | Magic Kingdom

Ears: Best Day Ever Ears Co.
Tangled Dress: Her Universe @ Hot Topic

I also went on a hunt for the magical #PurpleWall, and snagged a few outfit photos there. I have to say, this is my favorite Disney wall I saw on my entire trip!

Kyla Is Inspired | Magic Kingdom

We ate a lot of snacks, and Skowalz managed to take a “BITE” series of photos…and of course, because I wanted as many instagram-worthy photos, I had to try the Dole Whip (which was surprisingly really tasty!)

Kyla Is Inspired | Magic Kingdom

My 2 favorite rides at Magic Kingdom are Thunder Mountain and the Teacups :) I got to ride both! I really wanted to try out the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster, but the wait was too long :( Next time, hopefully…

Kyla Is Inspired | Magic Kingdom

I have also done Splash Mountain and Space Mountain in previous visits, but I am terrified of both. I just don’t feel safe! And after riding Space Mountain last year, I was extremely stressed and anxious. I can’t be the only one scared to ride these, right?? Which rides are your favorite?

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3 years ago

Looks like you had a great time at the parks! Gorgeous photos and love your outfit. :D