May the Fourth be With You

Hi all! Like so many of us, I haven’t been very interested in any creative endeavors – that includes cosplay, crafting, drawing, and blogging. I’m going into week 8 of working from home, and almost 9 of staying home. It’s hard to want to be creative when I feel like I’ve just been in a slump.

However…a few months ago I made these 3d-printed Jedi ears in preparation for a Disney trip later this month. Obviously I won’t be going on that trip anymore, but it makes for a fun May-the-Fourth day post!

Kyla Is Inspired | Disney Jedi Ears


Kyla Is Inspired | Disney Jedi Ears


I’ve always been on side of the light – I’m a big Jedi fan. These ears were really fun to create, and I’ve posted some progress pics of making these! Yes these are 3d printed but you could absolutely do this with some craft foam. I used all Plaid Crafts paints for this project. The fabric used for the bow is actually from an old dress of mine that I had been saving for years :)

Kyla Is Inspired | Disney Jedi Ears

Kyla Is Inspired | Disney Jedi Ears


What are you doing to keep creative during this time? PS – be sure you’re wearing a mask if you go out!!



Note this post was sponsored by Plaid Crafts, who provided the materials to create this project

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2 years ago

WOW! They turned out fantastic! I love them,