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Hi all! I’m so excited to share my latest cosplay, and first original design ever, Princess Wario! I came up with this idea after being stumped on what to bring to PAX East. I’ve debuted all of my Nintendo Princesses at PAX (Rosalina, Peach, Daisy), and one day I sketched out a concept for Princess Wario, in the style of Peach and Daisy. Here we go!

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Wario Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Wario Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Wario Cosplay

Read more to see how I made the full costume! 


  • 6 yards each of green and purple satin. I found both of my materials at Joanns (the green fabric is actually the “wrong” side of a lining fabric)
  • 3 yards of yellow satin
  • Simplicity 1728, or other ballgown pattern
  • Heat n’ bond
  • Decorative colored fabric (I chose fabric I already owned – light blue and purple)
  • Tons of rhinestones in varying sizes and colors – I like 5mm & 10 mm

Green underskirt

This was a pretty basic circle skirt using Simplicity 1728 (my favorite gown pattern!). It zips in the back.


UGH, the petticoat! I wanted a fuller circle than the petticoats I currently owned, so I bought a 5 hoop petticoat on Amazon. And had a lot of issues with it. Firstly, it’s very SHORT, and since I’m tall it hit low-calf above my ankles. Also, the 5 wires showed through and looked sloppy.

To remedy this, I bought 12 yards of white tulle and used Simplicity 1728 as my pattern to make a 2-layered tulle skirt that hit the floor. This was good, but the wires still show through a little. I plan to make another full skirt out of cotton to wear under the green skirt when I wear this costume in the future.

Purple suspenders

For the base of the skirt, I again used Simplicity 1728. However, I wanted it shorter on one side and longer on the other, so I started with a full purple skirt and cut it to length on my mannequin.

The suspenders are fun but not functional – they’re sewn in both the front and back, and they cross in an X in the back. The skirt has a zipper on the shortest side.

Skirt decorations

In the style of Peach & Daisy, I decided to create a pattern to go around the bottom of each skirt. For the green, I used a mix of designs from my Daisy costume, and 2 sizes of Wario “W”‘s. The purple skirt just has the “W”‘s.

All the fabric used for this were leftovers from other projects. They’re heat n’ bonded on.

Then I went in with rhinestones – I used 10mm clear crystals first, then 5mm in various shades of blues and purple. I like to put more crystals at the bottom, then less and less as I go up the skirt.

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Wario Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Wario Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Wario Cosplay

Yellow shirt

I didnt’ use a pattern for the main shirt – it’s a very boxy, not fitted-at-all, and I traced an existing shirt to get the main shape.

The sleeves, once again, are the puff sleeves from Simplicity 1728 (but shortened a little). I used the same purple from the skirt for the shirt cuff.

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Wario Cosplay


I made a separate tutorial – check it out! 


I LOVED my Wario makeup! I know it’s not too crazy, but I used a bottom purple eyeliner and top navy blue eyeliner for some pop, topped with my false lashes. The nose is my favorite – I got the color from an old blush I had, and highlighted it in pink. I also put glitter on my cheeks, though it doesn’t show very well. Now I’m going to be obsessed with wearing glitter with all my costumes ;)

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Wario Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Wario Cosplay

Have you created any custom costume designs? Or cosplayed any? I would love to know!

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