happy friday

Happy Saturday!

Whew – I’m back from Tokyo! And missed posting this yesterday…whoops :) I’ve taken some time to wrap my head around being back and getting back into a routine – always weird after a long vacation. And I feel like it’s extra strange that it’s almost Halloween – where did October go?? Obviously Halloween is one of my favorite days (hello costumes)…so here’s a few things this week to get into that spooky spirit:

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

Bat Balloons Oooh…spooky! I wish I was throwing a Halloween party because these huge bat balloons are amazing!

Overwatch Update This Mercy skin is everything…I don’t normally play her but I’m really hoping she comes in one of my crates. Which Halloween skin is your favorite?

Witch’s Brew Cocktail How fab does this look? It uses both Viniq and dry ice…I really want to try this out. Head over to Pizzazzerie to check out the recipe!

What are you most excited for this Halloween? Will you be hosting or attending any fun parties?

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! I’ll be the first to admit, I have been neglecting blogging these past few months in favor of cosplay. Oops?

I’m taking some time off sewing to clean up, clear my head, and save some money ∗ ◕ ں ◕ ∗. I also really do want to get back into blogging and drawing – I just got an iPad so I’ve been doodling like crazy. So hopefully soon I should get back into blogging regularly!

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

Ana – Overwatch: I know some of you play Overwatch, so how excited are you for Ana? She’s the mother of Pharah, and is basically a healing, sniping strong lady. I’ve been playing a lot of D.Va and Lucio, but can’t wait to try Ana!

Cotton candy martini from Style Me Pretty – um, yum? I’m all about pretty drinks, and double points if you can include cotton candy in there. I can’t remember the last time I actually bought cotton candy but I really want to try this recipe out.

This retro gaming illustration by Jelo Zapanza is so much fun – I’m actually going to a 90’s themed party tonight, so hopefully I’ll get to play some SEGA genesis!

What are you up to this weekend?

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Happy Friday!

Happy friday, everyone! I’m very excited because this weekend is PAX East! One of the largest conventions I go to each year. Here’s a slightly video-game related post for today :)

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

The Legend of Zelda by Van Orton Design
I love the futuristic feel of this illustration…it reminds me of Tron in the best way. Van Orton (twin brothers) have the most incredible style that needs to be seen.

D.Va fanart by Jayjiwoo Park
Overwatch has been huge so far, and they just closed the beta. I remember all the hype at last year’s PAX, and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more this year. This is one of my favorite fan pieces of the cutest character, D.Va.

The Triangle Experiment by Minga Studios
This project is worth looking at – there are 10 total pieces and they’re very simple but sleek – this particular one was my favorite because of the colors.

I hope you all have lovely weekends, whatever you’re doing!

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Happy Friday!

It’s finally friday! I’m so excited that where I am, it’s going to warm up this weekend. I’m pretty sick of the cold, not sure about you! Here are some things I’m loving this week:

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

Princess Serenity by Rei-Doll
This is the best Princess Serenity costume I’ve seen, it’s so breathtaking. I love following along with the R&R Art Group‘s costumes – if you’re not following them, you definitely should.

BZR Ombré tights in Fuchsian Violet
I’ll admit, I’ve been coveting a pair of BZR ombre tights for quite a while now. Not to mention they would be perfect for a Blake from RWBY costume!

Mixville | Sweets
How much fun is this conceptualized packaging for Russian site Mixville? Mixville allows customers to design sweet gifts and have nice coffee or tea time. What a great idea! This was designed by Designed by Galya Akhmetzyanova & Pavla Chuykina with 3D visualisation by Maxim Kadashov. Definitely check out the entire project!

What are your spring favorites this week?

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Happy Friday!

It’s finally friday! I’m so excited that where I am, it’s going to warm up this weekend. I’m pretty sick of the cold, not sure about you!

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

Sugarbones Art & Design Shop
Ahhh, I just discovered this shop the other day and oh my gosh I love everything here. Everything is kawaii and magical girl but with a dark twist. I love the Luna & Artemis patches!

D-Va by Kuvshinov Ilya
Have you seen Ilya’s work? If not, you need to go follow him immediately. I love seeing his posts on instagram, the girls he draws always makes me smile. And this one in particular, since it features D-Va from Overwatch!

Colorful Cannolis from Paper Stitch
Mmmm how delicious do these cannolis look? I’ve been trying to cut back on sweets so when I saw this recipe I was practically drooling. What a fun alternative this is to cupcakes or cake!

What are your favorites this week?

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