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Woo-hoo, I’m back from vacation! I can’t even tell you how relaxing and beautiful it was…my first time out of the country was a definite success. I’m still very tired and pretending like I’m not at work, but I can’t wait to share some photos with you :)

And to begin my first post back, here is a very “cozy” Product & Print…this cold weather is no fun!

product & print
Gin is by far my favorite liquor to order, anyone else there with me? I’ve been such a fan of this Hendrick’s Gin label for so long, I knew I had to feature it. Not only is the original Hendrick’s label great, but this re-brand nailed it on the head. The old-timey glamour and type setting make me instantly think of sitting on some sort of pouf like this one. How luxurious is that navy velvet?

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Product & Print | 055

I’m so excited to be working on Product & Print again! Like I mentioned in my previous post, I may not be able to post every Tuesday, but I’m going to do my best to keep consistent – I really do love this series :)

product & print

Who doesn’t love a good lingerie set? There’s something so romantic about the simplicity of this little number. I feel like you would definitely be wearing that while reading a newspaper in the Rex typeface, as found by type specimen. Lazy, rainy Sunday morning, anyone?

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Product & Print | 054

product & print

Although I don’t normally gravitate towards things that are black & white for my home, I can appreciate the simple statements that graphic prints provide. I love this numbers pouf from Land of Nod, and think it would make such a fun piece for a living room or play room. And the teapot print would make an adorable addition to a kitchen!

Also, I had a very nice time at the wedding this weekend, thanks to all who asked! It was the first wedding I was in, and I have to say…that’s a lot of stress for just a few hours, huh? ;)

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Product & Print | 053

Today, I’m really loving the soft & feminine vibe of this product & print. That flamingo print is so soothing and has me wishing for cool, dreamy weather. I’m thinking a picnic and using these tea towels as placemats!

kyla is inspired | product & print

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Product & Print | 052

kyla is inspired | product & print

There’s something really special about simplicity done right, and today’s post definitely highlights that. I love collecting mugs, and the simple stripe of this jumbo much is perfect. I could definitely see this mug in the kitchen of the stylish lady who owns this sassy print.

I also can’t help but love this color combo of teal and purple – it really makes a statement!

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