Cosplay | EcoPoint Mei

Well, I did it…one year after making this monster of a costume and I’m finally making a post!

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay



Looking for a breakdown of the costume?

Part I | Jacket

Part II | Boots

Part III | Tank & Snowball


After I tackled McCree in 2017, I knew I wanted to push myself with yet another of Overwatch’s crazy designs. And Mei certainly pushed my skills! I’m thrilled with this costume, even if I can’t walk in the boots and I sweat like crazy in the quilted jacket :P

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay

What’s a project you worked on that you pushed yourself and your skills? I’d love to see as inspiration! 


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Cosplay | McCree

Remember 2 years ago when I made a McCree costume? And even made tutorials on how I made some of his pieces? Yeah…I never shared the final photos! So here we are.

Kyla Is Inspired | McCree Overwatch Cosplay

Looking for costume work logs?

Part I | Hat, Serape, Gun, Belt

Part II | Arm

Kyla Is Inspired | McCree Overwatch Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | McCree Overwatch Cosplay

When I first decided to make McCree I had no idea how much time would go into it…to date, this is one of my absolute favorite costumes, my most expensive costume, and the one I’m most proud of for pushing my skillset. And he was so much fun to wear!

Kyla Is Inspired | McCree Overwatch Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | McCree Overwatch Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | McCree Overwatch Cosplay

Are you a McCree main? I actually never play him…or any DPS…but I do love his backstory! Who is your favorite Overwatch character to play?

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Eco Point Mei Cosplay Work Log | Part III Tank

I’m back with part 3 of Mei’s cosplay breakdown! Part I covers her jacket and Part II covers the boots if you want to check those out. For the third and final part we’ll be tackling her tank!

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay
Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay

Let’s jump in!


  • 3 gallon Water jug (I bought this one from Amazon)
  • Half a hollow styrofoam ball (found at Michael’s and Jo-Anns for under $10)
  • LOTS of sheets of thin craft foam
  • Plasti-dip & spray primer
  • Acrylic paints – I recommend PlaidFX paints
  • 1/4″ tubing (I got mine at Home Depot)
  • LED lights for inside Snowball’s head


Mei’s tank, according to the short, is a water gallon which makes things much easier since a water tank is easy to find and very lightweight. The bottom of the jug (with the handle and nozzle) is left empty, so I focused on the top portion. There are 3 distinct “sections” of the tank: a white band (that looks like it’s wrapped), a black band, and a red band. I laid all of this out in foam flat before gluing it around the top third of the tank. The white “wrap” area is just strips of 1/2″ foam added to mimic the look of layered materials.

To make the back “box” portion that sits on top, I made a box out of foam and glued it together – I don’t really think it’s “accurate” but I like the effect of how it looks. All details are foam to keep it as lightweight as possible. The black tubing is the 1/4″ clear tubing that I pained with acrylics.

To seal everything, I covered up the exposed tank with plastic wrap and plasti-dipped all the foam pieces.

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay

The painting was all hand done with acrylics, and weathered using an old paintbrush and black and brown paint.


Snowball was a collaboration between myself and Sam. He started out as a half styrofoam dome. We carved out his face area and sanded the edges until smooth. This took patience; the styrofoam is very easy to tear!

Once the carving was done he was primed and spray painted. If you don’t prime, the paint will eat the styrofoam. Any additional details were painted on using acrylics.

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay
Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei CosplayHow he attaches to the tank: This was a challenge. In the end we used a mix of heavy duty velcro and pins that stick into the foam. He sits on a platform at that’s about 2″ inside the foam “collar”. He’s removable via velcro to allow us to turn on the little LED lights in his face, which are also velcroed inside of the foam circle. The black platform can also slide out of the tank, and there are LED lights velcroed to that. When they turn on, they illuminate the tank from the flat end side.


The tank slides over my shoulders like a backpack. They’re attached to the tank using epoxy for maximum adhesive. Since that looked pretty messy, I glued a piece of EVA foam on top and painted/weathered it black. Not the most professional looking, but it’s sturdy and sits on my back so it’s not too visible.

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay

Phew! That takes us to the end of Part 3, Mei’s tank! You’ll probably be able to borrow some of these tips and tricks if you’re doing any of her other skins.

Here’s the rest of Mei’s tutorials! Finished costume post coming shortly:)

Part I – Jacket | Part II – Boots

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DIY | Princess Wario Crown

Hi friends! I can’t believe it’s taken me all month to post in 2020, but here we are! I’m working on a Princess Wario costume of my own design, and I made a tutorial for the crown!


**Full disclosure, I did print out my crown on my 3D printer. If you don’t have a 3D printer, I made my Princess Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina crowns in EVA foam covered in worbla. Either option is totally valid, and once you have the crown shape the instructions below apply to both methods!


  1. Prime and paint your crown gold. To avoid that streaky look, be sure to apply 3-4 coats of paint on both the outside and inside.
  2. Create your “W” shape for Wario: I printed my ‘W’ on my 3D printer, but you could also use EVA foam. I painted the W with Plaid’s navy color-shift paint, and then added a glitter top coat of Mod Podge to make it shine.
  3. Wario has a half circle behind the W on his cap, so I’ve used a piece of thin white EVA foam covered in Plaid white paint. Both the W and the half circle are glued onto the crown.


  1. Cast your gems in resin. I have a mini tutorial on casing resin here!. I made my gems a dark purple.
  2. To add extra shine, I used Plaid’s Glitter paint to add flecks of silver to the top once dried.
  3. I attached them to a circle of EVA foam (painted gold) about 4mm wider than the actual gem. That got hot glued right onto the crown, below the 3 points of the crown. If you make your gems to large, however, watch out gluing – they might stick over the curve of the crown.


  1. I rhinestoned this crown a LOT. There’s a row of alternating purple and yellow above the divider line, and a row of royal blue below it. I also outlined the white half circle in a bright light blue.

  2. The edges of the crown are weathered in dark brown and black paint. This isn’t necessary, but I like the way it adds depth around each element of the crown. To do this, dip a dry brush into your paint, and rub excess off on a paper towel so there’s barely any left. Then, stipple it around the elements and rub in with your finger or paper towel. I went very light on this crown since I didn’t want it to look ‘old’, just shaded.

  3. To attach the crown: At the moment the photos were taken for this post, the crown had no attachment. However I’m using the same method as previous crowns; I glued the crown onto a thin headband, and used a bit of worbla to reinforce at where the crown touches the band. I personally don’t like using hair clips, but I’ve seen that done as a viable option too. Paint both the headband and worbla gold to match the crown.

Note this post was sponsored by Plaid Crafts, who provided the materials to create this project

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Shop | Zodiac Collection

Hi all! Today I wanted to share a project of mine that I’ve been sitting on since…well, about 2016. It’s a Zodiac illustration project! I meant to have this up in time for Christmas shopping, but…well I went to London so I didn’t have time :) But these items make for great gifts any time of the year!

Kyla Is Inspired | Shop Zodiac Collection

I’ve made all of these into products on Redbubble if you’re interested in any gift ideas. Whenever I wear my Taurus shirt, I always get compliments and I’ve met many other Taurus’ that way :)

Shop the Zodiac Collection

Kyla Is Inspired | Shop Zodiac Collection

Kyla Is Inspired | Shop Zodiac Collection

Kyla Is Inspired | Shop Zodiac Collection

Kyla Is Inspired | Shop Zodiac Collection

If you want to see another color uploaded here, let me know what it is! I’d love to add more if there’s a demand.

Shop the Zodiac Collection on Redbubble

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