Animal Crossing | New Illustrations

Happy 2021, everyone! I’ve been slowly removing myself from posting on Instagram – I haven’t posted anything since the holidays and I don’t even miss it. Is anyone else moving in that direction?

I’ve stil been playing a lot of Animal Crossing, and here are some illustrations I’ve done so far in 2021 – myself & Poppy, and Pavé from Festivale! If you’ve been following me a long time, you may know my first logo during college was a peacock – so when Pavé arrived I knew I had to dig up that old logo and make it into Pavé.

Kyla Is Inspired | ACNH Poppy
Kyla Is Inspired | ACNH Pavé
Kyla Is Inspired | ACNH Pavé


How is your 2021 going so far?

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Animal Crossing | Fall Pattern

First of all, I have to say it – THANK GOODNESS BIDEN/HARRIS WON! Like most people I know, I feel as though I can take a little sigh of relief, though I know the real work will begin in January. My inspiration these past few months has been nonexistent, thanks in part to stress and anxiety about the election.

Animal Crossing has been my escape, both playing and consuming content. This little fall illustration/pattern was inspired by all the fall “mush” items available in Animal Crossing:

What’s your favorite item so far in Animal Crossing? I’m in love with the Mush Lamp and Hyacinth Lamp :)

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Animal Crossing Fruit Popsicles

Raise your hand if you’ve been using Animal Crossings New Horizons as a coping mechanism to get through these past few months… *raises hand*

I’ve been playing a LOT of ACNH, and some of my favorite outfits are all of the fruits dresses. So naturally, I decided to turn them into popsicles!

Kyla Is Inspired | ACNH Fruits Popsicles
Kyla Is Inspired | ACNH Fruits Popsicles

What other games are you playing to keep busy?

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