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Cosplay | Late But Lucky Alice

This costume was completed for Anime Boston, back in April, though I began it last December. I’ve created another Alice outfit last year, and wanted to create one of her other dresses. She wears about 8 or 9 outfits throughout the game wouldn’t it be fun to make them all?

All photos by my talented friend Nate Buchman.

Kyla Is Inspired | Late But Lucky
Kyla Is Inspired | Late But Lucky
Kyla Is Inspired | Late But Lucky

JACKET: Based off of Simplicity 3685. The only modifications were that I left off the lacing and created the “skirt” portion separately so I could attach that to my actual skirt. I used a bottomweight fabric from Jo-Anns.

VEST: I used Butterick B5359 as a base. The “buttons” are triangles made of clay that I painted and glued on at the last minute. The whole vest is held together in the front with safety pins…I’m so embarrassed.

SKIRT: The skirt is a heavy stretch polyester that I found at my local fabric shop for $3/yard. The ruffles are all handmade, and the buttons are just sewn on – they’re not functional. There’s a zipper in the back. In hindsight, I would have added interfacing to reinforce the waistband, because the skirt was so heavy it kept slipping down! I added a petticoat underneath for maximum poof.

SHOES: I started out with a cheap pair of slippers I found at wal mart (that had a thick sole since I’d be walking a lot)…I also wanted something that already had a round shape so I didn’t have to add volume to a regular pair of shoes or loafers. Then I just hot glued the fur to them – no sewing required! The little claws were formed first in model magic, then covered in worbla to make them hard. They were gorilla glued to the shoes.

HAT & EARS: The ears were shaped with wire, and I made a “slip cover” of the fur to slide over the wire. They were then glued to the side and bottom of the hat. The hat itself was a cheap top hat I found on amazon.

Kyla Is Inspired | Late But Lucky

If you have any specific questions on how I made this costume, let me know! :)


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