Color Me | Light Brown

Kitty and I are back with another Color Me post! We chose light brown this month, and I have to say…it was definitely a challenge. I normally am a fan of bright colors or anything sparkly, so finding neutrals was tough. However, I really like the palette here in this post, and do like this light neutral color for Fall.

Color Me | Light Brown

ceramic bowls | earrings | wedding table scape | blazer
gem illustration | chocolate chip illustration

Make sure you go check out Kitty’s post to see what she picked! Do like this light brown color? Have any favorite picks for this month?

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Color Me | Magenta

I’m excited to share a new Color Me post with Kitty! This month we chose to do Magenta, which I couldn’t be more thrilled about, since it’s my favorite color! I had a lot of fun pulling these items together.

Kyla Is Inspired | Color Me Magenta

agate coasters | socks | cocktail ring | ice cream illustration
hong kong sign illustration | clutch

I’m pretty obsessed with the hong kong sign illustration by Claire O’Brien, and I’m really eyeing that clutch, since I’ve been in need of a new bag for a while!

Are you a fan of magenta? Do you have any magenta favorites? Be sure to go and check out Kitty’s post and see her picks for this month!

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Color Me | White

Kitty and I are back with another Color Me series! And this month we decided to do white. I actually found this one to be a challenge for me, only because I typically go for bright colors. But it was fun! And with it starting to feel more and more like summer with the heat, white was perfect.

color me | white

ceramic spoons | white heart stickers | scalloped skater dress
sparkling water packaging | red eyes by zatransis | paper dolls editorial by the makerie studio | “white” by uturo128


Let’s talk about those amazing illustrations – who knew white could have so much depth? And I love the paper dolls project – so creative.

Be sure to check out Kitty’s post! And I’m curious…what inspires you about the color white?

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Color Me | Plum

I’m back again with another “Color Me” collaboration with Kitty! This month we chose to do the color plum – one of my personal favorites!

color me plum

cosmos wallpaper | lace halter bra | alice & olivia dress
space jump illustration | sunglasses | vintage pin-up

This one was a lot of fun to create – something about plum just makes me feel at ease. I may have gone a little bit too fuschia, but I still love everything here. That cosmos wallpaper is is soon to find a home on my phone, and the lace halter bra is really pretty. Do you have any plum favorites?

And don’t forget to check out Kitty’s post!


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Color Me…Teal

This week I’m excited to share the second installment of the color me… series that I’m doing with Kitty! This month we decided on the color teal, the exact opposite of what we did last time. Just in time for spring, this color is making me happy!

kyla is inspired | color me teal

hitchhiker’s guide poster | necklace | moulin rouge jasmine
illustration anarkitty | tilework quilt | calligraphy by angela southern

Teal is not normally a color I’m inherently drawn to, so this was a fun little challenge for me. Is teal your favorite color?

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