Cosplay Round-Up 2 | Tangled

I had so much fun pulling together my first cosplay round-up post (Disney Princesses), that I wanted to do another. This time, with one of my all-time favorite Disney movies…Tangled!

cosplay | disney princesses
cosplay | disney princesses

Aigue-Marine Cosplay | Traci Hines | Chibiko Chibi | Courtoon | Shigeako

Which of these cosplays is your favorite? I really love how these lovely ladies did a mix of her traditional long hair, her celebration floral hair, and her short hair. And really, the Flynn’s are just too funny!

I also wanted to let you all know, that if you have something you’d like to see featured in the Cosplay Showcase column, let me know! A favorite character, movie, color…I’m very open to where this new column is headed!

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Cosplay Round-Up 1 | Disney Princesses

With the recent addition of cosplay to my list of hobbies, I thought it would be fun to post some cosplay inspiration round-ups every once in a while. The level of craftsmanship and photography that some of these ladies do is just out of this world.

I thought it would be fun to start this series off with a selection of Disney Princesses! Who didn’t want to secretly be a princess when they were younger?

cosplay | disney princesses
cosplay | disney princesses

Ariel by Ryoko demon // Princess Jasmine | Rei-Doll // Belle by Rayi-kun // Cinderella by NikitaCosplay // Merida by Shua-cosplay

Do you have a favorite Disney Princess? Or have you ever dressed up as one? Personally, I’m hoping to dress up as Jasmine at some point in the near future!

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Anime Boston 2014

As you may know, this weekend I attended Anime Boston – and had a fantastic time! I only went on Saturday, but I know for next year to go for all three days!

These are some photos that were snapped at the convention – once the weather gets warmer, I can’t wait to shoot this costume. I have some great places in mind :)

Anime Boston 2014 | Elizabeth
Anime Boston 2014 | Elizabeth

photos by Stolen Soul Photography

Anime Boston 2014 | Elizabeth

Costume details: Jacket, skirt, and necklace were made by me. Corset was bought online, and altered by me. Wig & petticoat were also bought online. Contacts from Pinky Paradise.

The costumes were amazing. I was in awe all weekend by the amazing details that people put into their costumes – you can see some of the photos I took here. I’m hoping in the future to do some ‘cosplay round-up’ posts :)

What did you do this weekend?

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Cosplay | Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth

I’m excited to share one of my 2014 cosplays with you, Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea!

kyla is inspired | bioshock infinite: elizabeth
kyla is inspired | bioshock infinite: elizabeth
kyla is inspired | bioshock infinite: elizabeth

The whole process of shooting these was…a process. I’m not used to shooting in such a public place (Foxwoods Casino), so that was something to get used to. I’m really pleased with the results, though! The costume itself was pretty easy to make, just an altered blouse, a pencil skirt and embellishments here and there.

You also can’t exactly tell in these photos, but I’m wearing a wig and bright blue contacts! I probably won’t be wearing this to any conventions, but I’ll definitely be wearing the individual pieces to work!

This weekend I’ll be away at Anime Boston wearing yet another version of this character (I swear I do have other costumes…). I’m so excited! Is anyone else going? If not, do you have any plans for this first weekend in Spring?

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Cosplays 2014

Planned Cosplays 2014

After I haphazardly pulled together my Elizabeth Comstock Cosplay for RI Comic Con, I think it gave me cosplay fever! You’ll be seeing quite a bit more from me in this area in the coming year.

Planned 2014 cosplays:

  • Elizabeth Comstock, Older [Bioshock Infinite]
  • Elizabeth DLC [Bioshock: Burial at Sea]
  • Alice Liddell, Siren [Alice: Madness Returns]
  • Asami Sato [Legend of Korra]
  • Caitlyn, Sheriff of Piltover [League of Legends]

I can’t wait to share these costumes, and their progress, with you this year! I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and am already sewing up a storm (I used to sew all the time a few years ago, but stopped when I moved). Elizabeth DLC is done, and I’m working on older Elizabeth currently. It’s such a great way to get better at sewing, and one of my resolutions is to attend more conventions throughout the year.

Does anyone else cosplay? Or know these characters? Since I’m still a novice, I’d love to hear your tips and stories! I’ll be attending the following events…if you’re planning on going to any of these, let me know!

  • Anime Boston, March 21-23
  • PortCon Maine, June 19-22
  • ConnictiCon, July 10-14
  • Boston Comic Con, August 8-10
  • Granite State Comic Con, September 13-14
  • Rhode Island Comic Con, Oct 31-Nov 1

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