Cosplay | Cruiser DVa

Here’s a costume that I forgot I made…Cruiser DVa! I made her last year right when she was announced, for the Overwatch anniversary event. These photos were all shot at Connecticon 2017 by Tactful Cactus Photo.

Kyla Is Inspired | Cruiser DVa

Kyla Is Inspired | Cruiser DVa

Kyla Is Inspired | Cruiser DVa


I think this pattern from Butterick was MADE for Cruiser DVa…or DVa was based on this pattern :) I used a checkered cotton that I actually dyed a little darker using RIT dye. I also got lazy and didn’t create buttonholes for the top – the whole thing velcros together which is a little embarrassing, but the truth.

Kyla Is Inspired | Cruiser DVa

These are actually jeggings! Much comfier to wear at a con all day than jeans.

I bought these headphones as a base, and cut the cord off. I painted them with teal paint and added some silver to the center.

Kyla Is Inspired | Cruiser DVa

This was a super simple, long rectangle that I sewed up. I included wire in this so when it twists on top of my head, it stands up.

Remember how I said I hate ponytail wigs? Still true. I bought a Jeannie from Arda but got so frustrated with trying to style it that I gave up. The wig shown here is actually my Belle wig, which is an Arda Grace in Spanish Brown. I kept DVa’s hair in a low pony, mostly for my own sanity (:

The gun was a raw 3d print that I bought and assembled. I spray painted the whole gun silver, then used acrylics to paint the colors. I wish I had filled and sanded the edges where the gun is glued apart, though!

Kyla Is Inspired | Cruiser DVa
Kyla Is Inspired | Cruiser DVa

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