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Product & Print | 078

Happy tuesday everyone! For this Product & Print we’re going Mario themed! I may or may not have mentioned this previously, but a few months ago I finally got myself a Wii. I had been wanting to play Mario Kart for years and weirdly, none of my friends had the game. So basically, I have been obsessed with playing Mario Kart since I got the system. And I’m actually cosplaying Peach for PAX!

Mario Product & Print

This goofy illustration by Paulina Ganuchea is so much fun and really captures the mood of Mario Kart – pure chaos ^^ I’m also obsessed over how cute these handmade Shy Guy earrings by LizGlizz…she also has other character earrings from Mario and it was hard to pick my favorite (these star earrings are a close second…).

Who is your favorite Mario-verse character?

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Product & Print | 077

Happy Tuesday! This Product & Print features one of my absolute favorite themes, space. I’m sure if you dug through my archives, I’d have some sort of space/planet/galactic themed post every month. What can I say? There are just so many fun and colorful prints, and unique products, that I could post about this every day.

Product & Print

The Big Planet by Nina Geometrieva | Nebula Ring from AChicFairytale

I would love to have this colorful poster hanging in my living room, and could wear that ring with almost every outfit. Do you have any fun space-related prints or little products?

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Product & Print | 076

Winter is definitely here to stay for a while, and I’m still trying to adjust. One thing I do really like about winter are the accessories – I love being warm, so I own tons of scarves and hats. This week’s product & print is a tribute to just that!

Product & Print

I really love this scarf from anthropologie – I would never spend $58 on a scarf, but it’s fun to dream, right? I’m sure I could find similar fabric and re-create this.

‘Frozen Lemons’ is one of my favorite prints from Lois van Baarle. Lois’ work is always so colorful, and her girls always look so cozy. And going with the scarf theme, this gal has got a great one! I would wear that in a heartbeat if it was real.

What are you doing this season to stay warm?

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Product & Print | 075

I started this post by saying “happy tuesday!” but is there really anyone jumping for joy that it’s a tuesday out there? I am jumping for joy that I got around to making a new product & print post.

Product & Print

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why I chose what I did today…there is no way I will ever be able to afford this giant 4′ dunny ($4,999.99), but I had to feature it. Can you even imagine this in your house? 4′ of solid, bright red fiberglass in the shape of the iconic dunny. Amazing. What a finale to any dunny collection.

A bit more affordable, however, this this affetto sticker by artist Rose, aka barachan. It’s so darn cute, I want 10 of these to stick on everything I own. I know it’s not technically a print, but oh well.

With this $5,000 dunny I shared today, I have to know, are there any absolutely ridiculous items that you will probably never purchase but think are great?

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Product & Print | 074

It’s time for another Product & Print! I have to say, I had a lot of fun with this week’s post. And also now I’m craving pocky!

Product & Print

The ‘product’ portion of today’s post isn’t so much a project, rather, a recipe! Homemade pocky! Mmmm. Pocky is one of those items I never crave, but always want if I see a box. I love that I could make them right at home!

Of course, I chose this mahou shoujo print set of Kyoko Sakura eating pocky, her signature. She’s from the show Madoka Magica, which I highly recommend.

Have you seen Madoka Magica? The episodes are on Netflix, and I finished the season in less than a week. Of course, I have plans next year to cosplay as Kyoko Sakura ;)

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