Cosplay | Neo from RWBY

Today I wanted to share with you my Neo cosplay from Rooster Teeth’s RWBY, worn to New York Comic Con back in October.

This was quite the challenge, as it required splicing two wigs together (a first) as well as heavily modifying a jacket pattern. Details are below!

Kyla Cosplay | Neo
Kyla Cosplay | Neo

Costume Details

Wig: I bought these two wigs from ebay. I follow Arda Wig’ splicing tutorial (method #3) as a guide. The white strands were from one Arda clip-in.To be honest, I shed a lot of tears and was finding wig fibers for weeks after. If you look closely at the seam, you can clearly see threads (quite clearly -_-). If I have a heavy wig project like this again, I’d probably commission it.

Jacket: Believe it or not, this started out with Simplicity 1299 (though I think 1300 might have been better). It was the only jacket pattern I had at the time…I ended up heavily modifying it and drafting the front and tail completely by hand. It took about 7 hours.

Corset: This technically isn’t a corset since there isn’t any boning, but I slightly modified my previous Fionna cosplay pattern. That pattern was drafted by hand and I’ve used it many times in the past years. However, here I think this could have benefitted from boning and I’ll definitely be adding that when I wear it again.

Parasol: I bought this parasol from Amazon, and a whole lot of fabric paint from Jo-Anns. I spent two nights watching Fate/Stay and painting both sides. Here’s a detailed shot from my instagram.

Boot Covers: I took a pair of old boots and draped some fabric over them, and pinned it into place. Using a marker, I marked where the panels needed to be, and used that mock-up as a pattern. Fabric was a heavyweight bottom fabric from Jo-Anns, and was interfaced. Once the panels were sewn together, I sewed on mock buttons and added velcro straps to go below the foot; the whole thing slips over the boot so there’s no need for a working closure down the side. Take a look at a progress photo for reference.

Kyla Cosplay | Neo
Kyla Cosplay | Neo

Photo: Rob Logan Media

Kyla Cosplay | Neo

Have you guys seen RWBY? Season 3 is currently airing, and I definitely recommend watching if you haven’t already. Besides Neo (who is sadly not in this season), Blake is my favorite character…who is yours?


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