Dream Vacation with Onefinestay

Have you guys heard of onefinestay? Onefinestay “gives you the chance to stay in someone’s place while they’re out of town. You get to live their life for a few days and nights.” How cool is that? I’ve always loved the idea of staying at an unhotel, because let’s face it: sometimes hotels can be boring.


London has always been on my top 5 list of places I want to visit. Dreaming about staying in one of these beautiful homes makes me want to go even more!

kingsley mews // This place is so sleek and modern that I can’t help but be drawn to it. That pop of orange is amazing, and the outside is so quintessentially London!

dovehouse street // My inner girly girl is squealing at this house! I love the mix of purple and yellow, and can definitely see myself staying and relaxing here after a long day of sightseeing!

balfe street // york avenue

And onefinestay also has homes in New York! I’ve been lucky enough to visit NYC quite a few times, but they’ve usually been day trips or staying with friends. I would love to stay in one of these beautiful places and really feel like a New Yorker.

riverside boulevard // This place is just so warm and inviting that I can’t help but want to stay here! I love that it’s sophisticated still feels like you want to stay there. Plus, it just screams New York, doesn’t it?

east 78th street // This has got to be my dream house. The furniture, the colors, the view…*sigh* Perfect!

Which places are you dreaming of staying at? Would you want to stay in an unhotel?

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Have you heard of MissesDressy?

I admit, I usually don’t have many events that I need to dress up for. And by that I really mean, I have zero events in my life right now that require me to dress up. BUT, it’s always fun to pretend, right?

MissesDressy is a really great special occasion store. They have a huge selection prom dresses, cocktail dresses and evening dresses, to name a few. I’m going to share with you some of my favorites, that I can dream about wearing to my non-existant fancy events :)

misses dressy prom
My mom actually made my prom dress, so I didn’t get a chance to do that prom dress shopping my friends did. Both of these are so pretty, and I love how sophisticated black & gold looks.

misses dressy cocktail

misses dressy evening
I think I’m starting to go to weddings more as I get older, so evening dresses are must. I love the classic elegance long hemlines bring.

Yep, I’m totally wishing I had some fancy place to go now. MissesDressy definitely has looks for any kind of event! Do you enjoy dressing up for events? Do you have special events you attend?

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Have You Heard of Joules?

Joules.com is a super-cool clothing site, and every piece is so beautiful! With the cooler weather fast approaching, I thought I’d share some of my favorite looks for Fall & Winter! I own approximately 7 too many jackets, but I LOVE jackets…and living in New England, jackets are definitely necessary! Does anyone else seem to have too many jackets, yet still adore them? I really love the look of these quilted jackets!

joules jackets
one // two // three // four

Also, sweaters. I love sweaters, too. I actually need more sweaters in my life. I love that these have animals on them! So fun.

joules sweaters
fox // dalmation

And also also…this is a perfect dress. I can see myself wearing so many different things with it!

joules dress

I have to ask…which of these items from Joules is your favorite?

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