Cosplay | Fashion Wario

So here’s a bit of a different costume from me…a fashion Wario! I made this for Boston Comic Con 2015. It’s easily the simplest costume to date, but was very recognizable when worn. If you know how to sew a simple skirt then this costume is for you!

Above photos shot by Nate Buchman Photography

Costume Details

Skirt: Simplicity 1369 has always been my go-to skirt pattern. For Wario I wanted it to be extra poofy, so I added in two extra panels than what the pattern called for. I also made the waistband a bit thicker. The straps were sewn on after, and they cross in an “x” on the back.

Hat: Bought this hat on Amazon, and sewed on a white half circle. The “W” is attached using Heat N’ Bond.

Mushroom: Tutorial is coming soon!!

Photo by Rob Logan Media

This costume could easily be replicate for Mario, Luigi, Waluigi or even Bowser with some creativity! Just change up the colors of the costume pieces. Wouldn’t that make a fun group halloween costume? ;)

I’ll be wearing this again for New York Comic Con on October 7. Is anyone else going?


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Portfolio | Racer Peach

I admit it, Peach is my favorite character in the Mario verse, and I adore her racer outfit. This whole illustration started out as a simple doodle at work and was originally just going to be a portrait but somehow morphed into…this. (You may have also noticed she’s now gracing the first slider image on my main page)

Kyla Is Inspired | Racer Peach
Kyla Is Inspired | Racer Peach
Kyla Is Inspired | Racer Peach

On my cosplay bucket list is this outfit, but I’m kind of terrified to make a full spandex bodysuit…

Who is your favorite Mario character?


Learning Japanese | Hiragana

Learning Japanese | Hiragana

The first lesson to learn in Japanese is the alphabet hiragana. I want to preface this, in that I’ve been using workbooks and other apps in tandem with learning hiragana, but I’ll get to those in a separate post. For now, we’ll focus on hiragana.

I decided to dedicate at least 15 – 30 minutes each day practicing, because let’s face it – I’m not a student, I have a full-time job and life obligations. But I’ve learned that this set amount of time if perfect for me – everyone works at their own pace and it’s important to set yours.

I have already memorized this alphabet, so I wanted to share the best resources I found. I tried over 30 different apps and sites, and these are my favorites (in no particular order!):

Tofugu’s Ultimate Guide to Learning Hiragana

This site uses mnemonics to memorize the characters in a cute, friendly, easy-to-use interface. Honestly I found a lot of the mnemonics far-fetched, but they offered amazing worksheets after each lesson to practice. I highly recommend using this website as a resource when learning hiragana. Seriously. Print out the practice sheets and bring them with you… I have a stack sitting at work that I’ll practice on daily.

Kana Invaders

OK, so this is probably my favorite tool since it’s a game. I recommend learning most of the hiragana characters before playing since it’s a fast-paced shooting type game, but you can practice with the basics if you need to. Use this as a ‘test’ after you feel confident recognizing the characters. It’s addicting!

Hiragana & Katakana – free app

This was one of the first apps I downloaded to my phone. While the interface is clunky and looks like it hasn’t been updated in 6 years, it works. It’s the best “digital flashcard” resource I’ve found, and has a nice endless quiz option at the end of each lesson to help memorize the characters.


Kitty from Kitty and Buck actually recommended this to me on my last post! Memrise itself has great reviews, but I only downloaded it last week. So far it seems pretty good for basic vocab, but I haven’t actually gotten to learning any hiragana characters. Maybe if I use it more, those lessons will come.


Yes, when all else fails, make some good old fashioned flash cards. Highly effective.

Once you learn hiragana, you can start picking out characters in restaurants and shows and sound them out. Even if I don’t know what the word means, it’s pretty satisfying to be able to read ^^


Product & Print | 079

Hi everyone, I hope you had a wonderful holiday if you’re in the US! (I unfortunately had to work -_-) I’m bringing back one of my favorite series on the blog, product & print! And this week it’s Sailor Moon themed. Woot!

Kyla Is Inspired | Product & Print

Sailor Moon Mini Print | Ice Pink Moon Necklace

If you don’t know, Sailor Moon was pretty much my idol growing up. I watched the dub young and had all sorts of Sailor Moon merchandise. She and Venus were my favorites (which is probably why I decided to cosplay Sailor V). As an adult, it only seems fitting to upgrade from dolls and plastic pendants to more sophisticated items, featured here.

If you’re a fan of Sailor Moon, which senshi (scout!) is your favorite?


Happy Friday!

Happy friday, everyone! I don’t know about where you are, but it’s been hot where I live and it’s getting unbearable. I hope fall gets here quickly! It’s sew hard trying to sew or sit in front of the computer when all you do is start sweating -_-

Happy Friday
Happy Friday

Alice & Olivia Resort 2015
Wow, it seems like forever since I’ve posted some legitimate fashion on here! I’ve always been a fan of Alice & Olivia, and the Resort 2015 is right up there. The colors are so punchy, and I especially love the jacket shown here. Which look is your favorite?

League of Legends Poro Figure
How cute is this little poro friend?! If you guys play League of Legends you know that this little poro is kind of a superstar. I collect figures and he would be a great addition.

guepardi by Wilmer Bayona
Wilmer’s illustrations are gorgeous, and ‘guepardi’ is no different. I love the use of color and shapes, and if you click through you can see the process used to make this.

I’d love to know what you’ve found this week!