Cosplay | Ariel

I sat here for a long time trying to figure out how to preface this post, and ulitmately, there isn’t a way. Ariel has been my dream cosplay, and is my absolute favorite that I’ve created. The first time I put her parks dress version on, I actually teared up from emotions.

Kyla Cosplay | Ariel
Photo: Gerry Fransisco

Kyla Cosplay | Ariel

I’ve now made two Ariel costumes…Kiss the Girl and the Parks version. Kiss the Girl was actually completed exactly a year ago for an event at a local library, but I never got proper photos until recently. The parks dress however, was completed for New York Comic Con in October, after meeting Ariel at Disney in May.

One of the highlights of Ariel was at NYCC, where my friend Rob from The Geek Generation shot the costume in Times Square. Crowded, loud, and full of tourists was the general atmosphere, but we managed to get some good shots. Of all the costumes I’ve created, Ariel is the most recognizable, even if you don’t recognize the dress – it’s that signature red hair!

Kyla Cosplay | Ariel

Kyla Cosplay | Ariel

Kyla Cosplay | Ariel
Photo: Gerry Fransisco

Parks Dress Costume Details

I don’t have as detailed of costume notes as previous cosplays, but I do have a few items to note:

  • Simplicity 82201 was a lifesaver in making the parks dress. It’s rare that I find a corset pattern that fits without modification (corsets in the past were all heavily modified) but I hardly had any modifications to this pattern – wow! I highly recommend this pattern as a starting point for any sort of ballgown.
  • I purchased my pin on the parks dress from Angel-Secret. I was very happy with the product, as it came out better than my original attempt ^^
  • Fabric: I initially purchased a super sparkly fabric from jo-anns to use on my outer skirt and the middle of my corset – it was a nightmare. 4 months later and I’m still finding glitter everywhere. Don’t use glittery fabric from jo-anns. You’ll regret it.. Instead I went to a local fabric shop and bought this teal fabric for half the cost and it ended up looking way better (though the glitter is still on the inset of the corset).
  • I’m definitely investing in steel boning the next time I make a corset. I’ve made about 5 now and the plastic stuff just does not cut it – if you’re looking to make a structured corset, skip jo-anns.

Kyla Cosplay | Ariel
Photo: The Geek Generation

My favorite part of wearing these costumes is meeting the kids, whether it’s at a convention or traveling to a shoot – kids love meeting princesses, and it makes my day if I can put a smile on a child’s face.

Now…I have to ask you: who is your favorite Disney Princess?


Drink Recipe | Bioshock Salted Margarita

Today I thought I’d share something I haven’t done in a while…share a drink recipe! And not only is this just a drink recipe, it’s inspired by the game Bioshock Infinite.

Kyla Is Inspired | Bioshock Salted Margarita

Kyla Is Inspired | Bioshock Salted Margarita

You will need:
  • 4 shots of white tequila (we like Camarena)
  • 1.5 shots of triple sec
  • 1/2 shot blue curaçao
  • 1 cup limeade (we prefer this over sugary margarita mix, but use what you prefer!)
  • Juice of 1/2 lime
  • Salt for rims
  • Use lime juice to wet the rim of the glasses, and dip into salt
  • Add tequila, triple sec,  curaçao, limeade, lime juice to a shaker and mix well.
  • Serve over 1 large ice cube
  • Enjoy!

Kyla Is Inspired | Bioshock Salted Margarita
Kyla Is Inspired | Bioshock Salted Margarita

I’m thinking of making this into a series, Nerdy Cocktails, but I’m not sure how often I’d be able to update. Would you be interested in that series?
If you end up making this, I’d love to see your photos!


I Admire | Rose aka Bara-Chan

I admit that I found Rose’s art while browsing deviantart for “sailor moon”. Yes, a lot of her art is Sailor Moon (not a bad thing), but it’s her style that really captured my attention. I love her use of colors and shapes, and her girls always have the largest, most expressive eyes.

I Admire | Rose, AKA Bara-Chan
I Admire | Rose, AKA Bara-Chan
I Admire | Rose, AKA Bara-Chan

Also, when I say I love Rose’s work…I really, really love Rose’s work. So much so that I own two products from her shop:

I Admire | Rose, AKA Bara-Chan

website | tumblr | society6 | instagram

If you know of any artists that would like to get featured here, shoot me an email!


Cosplay Tutorial | Mario Mushroom

Hello hello! From my last post of Fashion Wario, you may have noticed I was holding a golden mushroom…here, I’ll break down the steps involved in making your own, just in time for Halloween! I’ve even included a downloadable template to print and use!

Cosplay Tutorial | Mario Mushroom

You will need:
  • 1 Styrofoam ball
  • 1 Styrofoam half circle
  • 2 sheets of craft foam
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Primer
  • Gold paint
  • Hot glue
  1. Line up your styrofoam circle inside the half-circle. You’ll need to cut a circle of craft foam the glue to the half-circle, leaving a hole in the middle. You should be able to “slip” on the top onto the mushroom. Glue in place. (This was honestly a lot of guessing for me to figure out where his mushroom head should hit!)
  2. Sand everything smooth! I also sanded the bottom to be slightly flat so he could stand up.
  3. Prime. You can use gesso if you’d like (to fill in any holes), but remember to sand again after
  4. Paint. I used a few different gold colors for each portion of the mushroom. Feel free to do classic white and red!
  5. Seal your mushroom with a few layers of mod-podge
  6. Glue on some craft foam eyes, and you’re done!

DIY Mario Mushroom

If you want to do the crown, follow the below instructions. It’s the same method I used for my Princess Peach crown!

  • Crown template (download here!!)
  • 1 sheet craft foam
  • Worbla scraps
  • Heat gun
  • Paint
  • Resin kit OR buy your own gems
  1. Print out the provided crown template, and cut out of both craft foam and worbla.
  2. Using your heat gun, heat the SHINY side of the worbla. Place the craft foam on top, and bend the edges of worbla over the foam, encasing it. Do this to all 4 pieces(For tips on using worbla, check out this video!)
  3. Re-heat all the pieces, and stick the sides together. Shape the crown into a circular shape. Let cool
  4. If you’d like, add a rectangular strip around the bottom of craft foam.
  5. Prime. You can use gesso if you’d like (to fill in any holes), but remember to sand again after
  6. Paint.
  7. Seal your mushroom with a few layers of mod-podge

Between waiting for paint to dry and putting everything together, I’d say this project took about 5 hours to complete. If you make your own mushroom, I’d love to see how it turned out!


Cosplay | Fashion Wario

So here’s a bit of a different costume from me…a fashion Wario! I made this for Boston Comic Con 2015. It’s easily the simplest costume to date, but was very recognizable when worn. If you know how to sew a simple skirt then this costume is for you!

Above photos shot by Nate Buchman Photography

Costume Details

Skirt: Simplicity 1369 has always been my go-to skirt pattern. For Wario I wanted it to be extra poofy, so I added in two extra panels than what the pattern called for. I also made the waistband a bit thicker. The straps were sewn on after, and they cross in an “x” on the back.

Hat: Bought this hat on Amazon, and sewed on a white half circle. The “W” is attached using Heat N’ Bond.

Mushroom: Tutorial is coming soon!!

Photo by Rob Logan Media

This costume could easily be replicate for Mario, Luigi, Waluigi or even Bowser with some creativity! Just change up the colors of the costume pieces. Wouldn’t that make a fun group halloween costume? ;)

I’ll be wearing this again for New York Comic Con on October 7. Is anyone else going?


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